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New Member Instructions

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Click on Licensing > US Life Licensing (Builder) > Getting Life Licensed
Follow the instructions provided – this is where you will need to start your licensing requirements in your state. Register
Once you have your license, you will need to do a fingerprinting and submit your Pass Certificate to HGI
You will need to do Licensing > US Life Licensing (Builder) > Sure LC Prepayment > Select your carriers and register
You will then need to go to Licensing > US Life Licensing (Builder) > SureLC. Register in SureLC. There are few trainings to be completed and get a liability E & O Insurance. protect against litigation if a customer sues for a mistake in your professional services. While there are several places you can secure E&O Insurance, HGI recommends NAPA for E&O Insurance Coverage
Log into you SureLC:
In SureLC, click on Contracting > Requests and make your request to all your carriers as you now have your license, your trainings and insurance to start becoming a producer..